This is a snake-like game for NES, inspired by Homestuck's LOWAS walkarounds (1, 2)

The Heir of Breath is helping some local salamanders farm some mushrooms. Once in a while (spoilers: after every 5 mushrooms) imps will appear. Touching an imp will make you lose a salamander (it probably ran away from danger). If you lose all your salamanders (or if you collide with the walls or with the salamanders) it's Game Over. To make things more interesting the game gets a little bit faster after every 10 mushrooms.

This is a NES ROM, so you'll need a NES emulator to run it (for example, FCEUX:  )

You can also play it on an emulator in your browser here or at

The music is Doctor, by Buzinkai (RIP), turned into a FamiTracker cover by Baleish, which was then ported to FamiStudio with more simplified instruments by me.

The audio engine is FamiTone2.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorWendel Scardua
TagsGame Jam, homestuck, homestuckgamejam, lowas, snake, snakelike

Install instructions

Download the ROM (lowas.nes), then open it on a NES emulator (I recommend Mesen or FCEUX)


lowas.nes 40 kB


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Hard to go wrong with snake. Nice, simple, and to the point. Nice graphics too!

This was fun! The imps knocking off salamanders is a cool mechanic!