On this RPG game for NES you play as the four Heroes of the System, who must fix bugs in four drivers to bring peace to the Kingdom OS.

You can either download the NES rom or play on the emulator embedded on this page. The game saves automatically.

On the embedded emulator, these are the default keys: Enter = Start, F = A button and D = B button. I think the emulator supports gamepads/controllers as well.


Most of the code and art is mine (https://github.com/wendelscardua/file-fixers). Characters where generated on https://0x72.itch.io/2bitcharactergenerator. The (public domain) songs are: Inevitable Doom, by celestialghost8 (https://opengameart.org/content/inevitable-doom) and cheery and upbeat by Phillip Miller (https://opengameart.org/content/free-nes-music-pack). The game also uses these public domain libraries: neslib.h, nesdoug.h, famitone5.

If you find any issues or have suggestions, please submit them on Github: https://github.com/wendelscardua/file-fixers/issues 

Game skills:

Since the game itself doesn't describe them (and I didn't have time to add visual and sound effects to most of them), here are all the skills and their effects:

  • Attack: tries to deal 1d6 melee damage (in the future there may be different weapons with different attacks, for now this is it)
  • Slash: tries to deal melee damage, rolling twice the amount of dice of the normal Attack
  • Taunt: make everyone around the character turn toward the user, and always deals 1d4 damage (can hit friends)
  • Shield: temporarily improves the user's Armor Class (reducing chance of being hit)
  • Throw: push someone until they hit an obstacle, then may deal normal attack damage
  • Joust: move forward until going past someone, then deals Slash damage to them
  • Spin: tries to deal damage, rolling 4 times the dice of the normal attack, to everyone around the user
  • Fire: tries to deal 2d12 damage to the first entity in front of the user
  • Freeze: deals 1d4 damage to the first entity in front of user, then that entity won't be able to move for a few turns
  • Bolt: tries to deal (level / 2 + 1)d6 damage to everyone in front of user
  • Confuse: for a few turns: confused enemies will think enemies are players and vice versa; confused players won't move correctly.
  • Teleport: move user to any target free space (except stairs)
  • Thunder: tries to deal (level / 4 + 1)d4 damage to all non-player entities
  • Heal: restore 6d4 HP to target entity
  • Haste: target entity will be temporarily faster (getting more turns compared to others)
  • Protect: temporarily improves Armor Class of target entity
  • Slow: target entity will be temporarily slower (getting less turns compared to others)
  • Revive: tries to revive each dead player character - the less players are alive the better are the chances of it working. Players are revived with 1/4 of their maximum HP

Install instructions

Download rom and open it on any NES emulator


file-fixers.nes 80 kB

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