HappyNESs is a board game for NES


  • on each turn the player rolls a die, then they walk that many squares
  • if the last move ends on an occupied square, the player keeps walking (but the player who was stepped on gets an extra die roll on their next turn, so try to avoid it)
  • passing through a suit square collects it on your inventory (shown on the bottom right area of the screen)
  • collect all the 8 suits (4 green, 4 blue), then reach the Trophy square to win the game

Play in your browser here or at https://nes.scardua.net/run/happy

Source code: https://github.com/wendelscardua/happy.nes

Install instructions

Run on any NES emulator (tested on Nintaco, FCEUX, JSNES)


happy.nes 40 kB

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