This is a scientific calculator for NES, based on inspired by this tweet.


  • D-Pad: move the cursor
  • A: press the currently selected button
  • B: toggles between exp and log functions, between square and square root functions, and between normal, inverse, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic trigonometric functions.


  • The input is always in scientific notation. The last 3 digits on display are the current exponent. Therefore, if you type 413 it will be displayed as "4.1300000 002" (meaning 4.13 x 102)
  • The mantissa has 10 digits of precision. The last 2 digits aren't shown but they can still be inserted.


The source is available at


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Not many emulatable utilities, commercial or homebrew, so thanks for making another one! I've added it to the list on my wiki: