Ouroboros is a NES game made for Ludum Dare 47 and 1JAM-Loop, the theme being "Stuck in a loop"

You are a small worm, stuck in a time/space loop. The loop was supposed to end in a minute, but weird time artifacts (and some weirder time-bugs) keep appearing, and whenever you collide with them the time loop lasts longer. To make things worse the strange physics of the loop makes you run faster near the end. Try dodging everything and eventually you'll be free!

LD47 URL:  https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/47/ouroboros-3


  • Left: move to an inner circle
  • Right: move to an outer circle

Install instructions

Download de ROM, then open it on any NES emulator. Or write it to a flashcart then play it on the actual console.


ouroboros.nes (1JAM-Loop version) 52 kB
ouroboros-ld47.nes (LD47 version) 52 kB

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