Planter is a co-op flower shop action puzzle for NES. Made both for 1JAM Co-op (with the "co-op" theme) and for A Game By Its Cover 2020 (based on the fictional cartridge art above, by 鬼頭祈, and maybe following its "low-tech" theme).

Customers bring their empty, oddly-shaped planters, asking for a certain amount of an specific flower. One player works at the garden, picking flowers and filling planters, which are sent to the storage. Another player works at the storage, trying to fill rows with planters (to be taken away by unseen trucks).


These controls are described in terms of NES buttons. The actual buttons may vary depending on where you're playing; on the emulator embedded in this page, you must click on the D-Pad icon to check/set the bindings for the first and second players. This emulator should support both keyboard and gamepad controllers.

Player 1 (working at the storage)

  • Left/Right/Down: move planter
  • Up: drop planter
  • A: rotate (clockwise)
  • B: rotate (counterclockwise)

Player 2 (working at the garden)

  • Up/Down/Left/Right: move cursor
  • A: pick/plant flower
  • B: cut unwanted flower


The storage gameplay consists of trying to fill rows of flowers. Whenever one or more lines are full, they are removed, the shop earns some money and the reviews get better. The more lines are removed in a single move, the better (maybe because you're saving money in shipping costs). If you run out of space for planters, its game over for the shop.

The garden gameplay consists of fulfilling the customers' request. They bring an empty planter and ask for some quantity of an specific flower type. Then you have a few seconds to pick and plant these flowers. Whenever a flower is picked, a random seed is planted in place, which will grow in a few seconds - so, if you're short of the type you need, try cutting some other flowers to free space for new ones to grow. Customers aren't known to be patient, so if you take too long they will break and throw the planter haphazardly on the storage area and give you a bad review. If your shop reviews reach zero stars, its game over for the shop.




  • FamiTracker
  • Famitone2
  • em-FCEUX
  • Mesen
  • Aseprite
  • NES Screen Tool
  • CA65 assembler
  • Make
  • Emacs


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