On this short NES/Famicom game you have to collect 10 stars then reach the goal.

You will reach the goal.

The goal is inevitable.

NES Controls: move with D-Pad, jump with A.

Default controls on the embedded emulator: move with arrow keys, jump with F, start with Enter (some controllers may work as well).

Install instructions

Download the .nes file and open it on your favorite NES emulator, or put it on a flashcart to run on the real hardware.


stallar.nes (original LD50 version) 72 kB
stallar.nes (post-jam bugfixes + sfx) 0 bytes

Development log


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Super original! Gostei demais! hahaha


muito bacana, eu demorei pouco pra entender como jogo se encaixava na jam, depois que entendi, ficou muito divertido